Drawing from your Imagination
Book Illustration
Allow me to bring your stories and words to life. Working closely with you I will create vibrant images in my own inimitable style. Ideally suited to children’s books I create fun characters and scenes that simply burst out of the page.

One of my passions and beliefs is to enrich children through literature and to get the young ones reading more with the aid of my artwork and inspiring them to use their imaginations.

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Illustration Designs

I have a love of Nature and Wildlife, I find inspiration everywhere when walking around my native Warwickshire and my holidays around Great Britain. Many of my designs and illustrations are based on Wildlife and the countryside.

My designs are available on premium quality clothing via my Spreadshirt shop. I use Spreadshirt and Red Bubble as platforms as they are POD (Print On Demand) sites, which allows my customers to have access to a large range of products which I couldn’t possibly supply myself. After months of researching I found these shops to be the best. The premium range also ensures that the print quality is better which gives me peace of mind that my designs will be as vivid and eye-catching as intended.

Spreadshirt is mainly clothing with some gifts and accessories. It is also customisable so you can personalise your own gifts with your favourite slogans, names, birthdays or even a picture of your pet, family or your grandchildren’s first drawing. Check out my blog on how to create your personalised pressies.

Red Bubble is mainly for homeware, stationery and prints. The range of clothing means that I can use my designs as patterns which I have fun creating.

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