Drawing from my Life

My name is Phaedra and I am an Illustrator and Animal Portrait Artist. I live with my husband Mark, my 2 rescued Lurchers: Tiva and Jack, and an adopted canary Tweety Pie. I have 2 Step children Georgina and Bayley who are a growing into fine young adults.
You may become aware that I am obsessed with my pooches, Tiva is the most chilled out, cool lady who just wants loads of hugs. Jack is my Poldark lookalike, who is gorgeous (and knows it), a bit aloof but my little man and my shadow. Plus Tweety Pie our adopted Canary.
I started my company Pipistrelle Art in 2016 after working in various office jobs for over 25 years, and my crunchy wrists finally told me to stop. Before I turned 40 I lost both of my parents and other close members of my family, my husband developed End Stage Kidney Failure and nearly passed a couple of times. I had 7 years of high stress and high blood pressure while arranging, and attending, too many funerals and hospitals.
Once my husband was in the fortunate situation to receive a transplant I made the decision to work from home. I wanted to stay at home with my husband and pooches as I felt life was way too unpredictable not to spend as much time as I possibly could being with those I love.
I have always enjoyed creating, especially drawing. My parents were very artistic, my dad designed jewellery and did amazing cartoon drawings. My mum used to get me trying various crafts: wood carving, glass engraving, crochet, knitting, beading, dressmaking for my Sindy doll etc. I always loved the Ladybird Fairytale books and the illustrations in them, they brought the stories to life for me. As a child I never realised that it was an actual job that people did. Drawing is the one thing I knew I was good at, although I am always learning new techniques, setting myself new challenges and growing as a person.
Thank you for reading my story.
Phaedra – Illustrator, Step and Pooch Mum, Happiness Spreader