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It’s been a couple of days since we exhibited at our first expo – the Micro Business Show at Hogarth’s Hotel in Dorridge, Solihull. So, let’s pen a few words about our whole experience there.

On the run-up to the event our nerves were beginning to jangle a little, being a whole new experience for us. The weeks before were spent designing leaflets and signs, framing and mounting our artwork, working on our ‘patter’ and how to best display our work. Nerves frayed and tempers flared when certain pieces of tech let us down and other issues occurred.  By Thursday of the week before the show everything seemed to fall into place and an unnatural calm descended, leading us into a weird utopia where we kept questioning everything and what we must have forgotten.  But, when loading the car on Monday morning nothing seemed out of place. Uncertainty raised it’s head occasionally, but rumbling onto the motorway on a perfect autumn morning all felt good. And this feeling continued when we pulled up at Hogarth’s, unloaded the gear, built the stand, displayed the artwork and filled the table with leaflets, cards, biscuits and other items.

All good!! hang on it’s only quarter past nine and we’re ready! Now, that is unheard of…..ten o’clock start and “yep” we are ready.  It looks like we know what we are doing too!

Time for a walkabout. Quick chat to other businesses, a bite to eat on the terrace in the stunning gardens of Hogarth’s, then back in.

All nerves have gone and here we go. Folks pour into the Orangery (where we have set up) and make there way to the stands, heading towards us (okay, keep it cool) and the introductions and pleasantries begin; questions about our work, what our techniques are, what pets people have (or had), can we draw horses / cats / fish? (Fish? Yeah, why not?) So many questions from some absolutely fantastic people. We’re really beginning to enjoy this – considering we nearly cancelled: that would have been a mistake.  (Thank you Karen for steering us straight).  The whole day carried on in this same vein and we loved it.  One of us would drop-in to the seminars when we could, but the whole day kept us busy and on our toes and on our feet all day. “ I knew I should have worn flats – them 5 inch heels just about crippled me”, I said to Phaedra at the end. “Mark”, she replied, “just keep out of my wardrobe, will you!”

You know, we loved the whole day.  It was a lovely venue with great staff.  We met some super people and got back in touch with some old acquaintances.  The way it was organised could not be better in our opinion.  Many thanks and a ‘hats off’ to Karen, Rebecca and Nichola for doing such a good job organising the whole event!

We left the Micro Business show on a high, having thoroughly enjoying the day!


Chatting about the day on the way home, we had just got on the motorway, when Phaedra asked “Were you wearing anything else of mine today?”

Eyes on the road, Mark, eyes on the road………..

It was a quiet and awkward drive from then on in……..