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We are super-excited over here at Pipistrelle Art. We have decided to knock down the walls of our comfort zone and are taking part in our first ever business exhibition: the Micro Business Show in Solihull, near Birmingham. Now, this is truly something new for the company and not something we would have expected to be doing twelve months ago. But, you never always know which way business may take you, or the fact that one needs to be fluid and adaptable to opportunities which may present themselves. Even if they were not part of the original vision.

We do like to think that we are adaptable and can rise to challenges. Some of the artwork we have produced is totally different to how we first envisioned our range. But by learning and adopting new techniques we have been able to meet customer’s requirements. And with this ethic we hope to reach more clients in the commercial and business sector. This is why we will be attending the Micro Business Show. Utilizing our more fun and informal (less corporate) styles of art we will be able to offer a different slant on more traditional images. For example, training manuals can be made more engaging with less conventional illustrations. Perhaps, the client is working within the education sector and requires images/artwork that would appeal to children then Pipistrelle Art would be an ideal choice.

Phaedra, Pipistrelle Art’s main artist, was commissioned earlier this year, to illustrate a book as well as a promotional video for children. This book, due for release in May 2019, by very well renowned author Shelley Wilson (who will also be at the show) is an illustrative book of ‘Meditations for Children’. As well as self-help books, Shelley is known for her ‘young adult’ fiction such as Oath Breaker and ‘The Guardians’ trilogy. It was a great pleasure for Phaedra to collaborate on such an exciting project.

Back at the show, we will be having examples of our work, different styles, different media etc. Also there will be samples of our merchandise and various items with our designs and a chance to talk with the artist. We will also be holding a small (talent?) competition to test your artistic skills.

For people visiting the Micro Business Show, we believe it should not be just about the formalities of business. When visiting us we hope to bring things to a more personal level. It’s not all about work…. Pipistrelle Art offers the chance to, perhaps, have a favourite pet or animal immortalized in art, children’s name plaques designed for the more personal touch, wall art with that unique feel and bespoke artwork just for you. (Remember, Christmas isn’t that far away). Just ask us on the day….. we are by the free tea / coffee station and we are supplying the biscuits.